Why I Wore Church Pants.

I understand and appreciate a church’s right to have their own style and vary when it comes to things that are not essential. But, what I don’t like is when they confuse something that isn’t essential with being doctrine. Paul says in Galatians 6:15 “Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation.” In a letter written to a church 2,000 years ago, Paul talks about what is essential and what is not. The early churches had varying beliefs on whether new Christians should be circumcised. This is why Paul uses that as an example, but what he’s really getting at, is that all that legalistic law didn’t make a difference anymore. Jesus had came and fulfilled the law and made us new creations.

My whole life I’ve been in church, but I have a unique perspective. As a member of churches that were always “come as you are,” I never put too much thought into what I wore to church. Until I visited my friend’s church that couldn’t be more opposite. It was made very clear me that how I normally dressed on a Sunday would not cut it in this very legalistic congregation. So, I asked my friend “what should I wear?” She replied, “a dress would be fine, or church pants.” I had never heard that term in my life. I made her elaborate. She explained that “church pants” are what girls wear when they should be wearing a dress. Baffled and cynical, I said “what happens when they don’t want to wear either?” That Sunday, I managed to scrounge up what I thought was the most closely related to “church pants” item of clothing I owned. That’s when I took on the identity of “The Girl in The Church Pants,” as I was the only when in the sanctuary wearing them.¬†Churches today, still have trouble understanding the difference between opinion and Biblical truth. Our outward appearance, the way we dress or keeping an ancient covenant does not make a difference in Jesus’ eyes. He cares that we love Him and love His people.

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